Model rental faqs

To access the website you must be registered. By clicking here you can register for free in less than a minute. You only need an email address so that we can send you a confirmation email. Now you can select from our collections.

1. After registering, select your ideal model and the date of your event. We will send you an email confirming your order. If for any reason this model is not possible, we will pay you the full amount as soon as we are informed.

2. Shipping: Choose the date you want to receive your order, you can book it up to 4 months in advance to make sure nobody takes it away from you! You will receive it on the Thursday before the event (which is usually on a weekend) and if you want to return it, you will do so the following Tuesday, by courier, at your home, office or hotel, wherever you have better! Our transport system is of the best effectiveness. Shipping is totally free except for the Peninsula and Balearic Islands and abroad. Annatelier gives you TOTAL GUARANTEE that the garment is perfectly fit for use.

3. Return: Put the dress inside the box in which you received your order, packed in the bags you will find inside. A courier will pick it up at the delivery address or wherever you tell us. We take care of everything.

Shipping is TOTALLY FREE if it is for Spain. Excludes the Peninsula, Balearic Islands and other foreign countries.

The rental period is 6 days by default, counting from the day you receive your order and the day of return. Events are usually on weekends, so you will get it on the Thursday before the event and will have to return it the following Tuesday.

It arrives on the Thursday before the date of the event you have selected.

If it's too easy. Just click on the pink heart of favorites. This way you can save your favourites and when you have an event it will be easier for you to choose from the ones you have already selected.

YES. You can take the measurements yourself, (click here for explanations) and we will send it to our seamstresses to arrange it for you at the standard additional cost. If the settlement exceeds that amount due to your difficulty, we will contact you to formalize it. You are not authorized to fix a garment outside Annatelier unless we have given written authorization. Otherwise, the suit will be returned to you and you will be charged the full amount of your purchase.

We also have a section of Haute Couture Dresses that we make exclusively personalized and tailored to the client.

They are also not allowed to clean the garment. We have specialized laundry to treat the fabrics properly.

If you have any doubts, consult our stylists and we will guide you through it.

Of course, just follow the instructions in the "Gift Card" section. All you have to do is indicate the amount and the date you want them to receive the card.

With your invitations you can bring your friends to Annatelier. And every time one of those friends rents for the first time we give you 10 euros for your next rental. It is necessary that your friends register using the email or link that you send them, if they register on their own we will not know that they are your friends.

Of course you can! Just don't return it and you will be charged for the remaining amount by the same method of payment. Annatelier's goal is that a person buys one of their models only and exclusively if they like it and consider it worth buying. That's why it offers them the innovative opportunity to rent it to try it on and even wear it at any event. And if he loves it, then let him buy it. With this system we avoid the limitation of blind buying in e-commerce.

NO. The selling price of a used dress is less than when it is brand new.

The sooner you book the more availability you will find; you can book up to 6 months in advance.

Yes, as long as your products are available for the dates you want. Send us an email to and we will check availability. There is an extra cost for each day, it is 25% of the rental price. To increase the duration of the rental you need our approval by email.

We do ship to the Balearic Islands as well, but with a supplement of 15€.

For cancellations of orders made online with home delivery you will have 20 days before the delivery date to cancel them free of charge. This amount will be refunded with a Gift Card to be spent on our website.

On the sixth working day after receiving it, before 8pm. Inside your order you will find a card with all the details. We take care of organizing the carrier.

Two days before the return Annatelier will contact you by e-mail to arrange the collection. You will have to pack the garment as it came, with the bags that it was packed in. Don't forget that you must deliver it to the courier on the agreed day, otherwise you will be charged the full amount for the garment. The transport of the return is not free, it will be within Spain 10€ and 25€ in the Peninsula and Balearic Islands. In case of foreign countries the cost will be according to the tariff.

A damaged garment is invariable and we want this not to be a concern for you. That's why Annatelier offers a Total Insurance to protect you against anything that could happen to the garment. This is a full damage insurance that will only cost you an additional 15% to your rental price. This way you will be completely safe from any stains or breaks! For example if your dress costs 100 euros to rent, only for 15 euros more you will be fully insured!

Do you think it's worth the risk? What does the insurance not cover?

  • The loss/theft of the dress: The customer must pay the remaining amount to the purchase price of the garment.
  • The bass of long dresses: If the bass has stains that cannot be removed or tears, they will be charged the price of the repair of that bass which will be 25 ? for the repair of the same.
  • BAD USE of the garments.

If the rented item comes in such a condition that it cannot be arranged to be rented again, it will be returned to you and we will proceed to charge the remaining price at the time of purchase of the item.

It's okay, nothing has to happen to the dress, just treat it as if it was borrowed. In the event of a dressing accident, there are a number of penalties.

Yes, as long as your products are available for the dates you want. Send us an email to and we will check availability. There is an extra cost for each day, it is 25% of the rental price. To increase the duration of the rental it is necessary to have our approval by email.

Whichever option you choose when you rent a dress at Annatelier we hope you go spectacular and enjoy the experience of looking spectacular.

Model Buying FAQs

Of course I do. Any Annatelier garment can be purchased. Of course the value of the purchase will not be the same if it is brand new or if it is already brand new. If it is released, the sales value will be lower. But if you're going to release it, you'll have to pay its original retail price.

Usually you'll get it in 15 or 20 working days at the most. If it has to be ordered or made to measure, the time required will be longer. In the confirmation email we specify the date. If for any reason it is not possible for you to have it by the date of the event, you will be refunded the full amount of the purchase by the same method of payment. Responsibility in our work is a primary value in our company. THE SHIPMENT WILL BE TOTALLY FREE.

(Outside Spain and the peninsula, the prices of shipments are subject to change, according to the rates of our courier).

For purchases made online with home delivery, you have 14 calendar days to return the products you have purchased and receive a full refund which will be redeemed with a voucher to spend at Annatelier. To return an order you must write to us at and we will organize the collection (the price of the return transport will be paid by the customer).

Payment methods

At the time of making your online reservation we will charge you the full amount of the rental and will only proceed to collect the full amount of your purchase if you have liked it and do not return it within the stipulated time of the rental.

Just insert the alphanumeric code in the check-out window and your discount will be applied automatically.

Using your Visa, Servired 6000, Maestro, Mastercard debit/credit card, or with your PayPal account.