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The Image Coach has become one of the most important specialties in the world of image and fashion.
It provides much more than physical help, but also psychological.

“It is not the taste for dressing well, the style is the EXPRESSION of your personality”

My goal is not to change you, but to get the best version of yourself. For this I will enhance your positive qualities, thus achieving your best personal style using Coaching and Styling techniques. I will help you get rid of your appearances, negative beliefs, complexes and increase your self-esteem by enhancing all your positive aspects and the right attitude, thus making you shine with your own light. I will work with you various emotional and aesthetic techniques to teach you to recognize yourself and to build the path of your personal growth and that of your authentic beauty.

“ Only by knowing yourself can you value what you know about yourself”

I am going to give you a series of guidelines that will give you a new image and ways of acting with others. My goal is to give birth to a lifestyle (Lifestyle) with which you will achieve evolution and personal improvement. You do not have to have that artificial or impeccable style that everyone expects or be a copy of anyone, for this you will have a coach at your service who will offer you techniques, tips and tools that will help you define your style.

“Make your image your way to success”

A Fashion Coach can help you choose your look for a big event like weddings or special occasions..

Our rates

1 hour and a half session - 50€

3 sessions of 1 hour and a half - 120€