ANAÉN offers you exclusive designs

Anaén is a leading company in the fashion sector of Party and Ceremony, with more than 22 years of experience linked to fashion.

The wide range, quality, design and price, are present to satisfy their customers.

We have the widest variety in the market, more than 1000 different models, many of them exclusive "ANAÉN".


Ana María Martínez Pérez.

Her dedication to fashion comes from her childhood, always mixed with patterns, fabrics and embroidery. Since she was a child she dedicated her free time to hobbies related to the craft of sewing. She trained academically as a dressmaker and pattern maker. After joining the fashion business world in 1999 with her own company, she trained as a Coach, Image Consultant and Fashion Stylist to offer professional treatment and advice to her clients. After the years and the incorporation of new technologies and social networks in the commercial field, she acquired qualifications as Community Manager, E-Commerce and Network Positioning, opening the field to the Online Sale of Dresses and Ceremony Dresses.

Thus arose a great passion and dedication to her work, which has allowed her to be a great professional in the Fashion Sector.

Clothes do not change the world, the women who wear them will.

The brand

In addition to its incorporation into the business world, it has created its own exclusive patented fashion brand.


It has worked very hard to capture spectacular collections of bridal, evening, gala and cocktail dresses. The most sophisticated and elegant fashion for women and men. One of the keys to our success is undoubtedly the constant evolution of trends in their collections, which means always being aware of new trends in an increasingly competitive world. For this we visit the best National and International Fairs: MOMAD METRÓPOLIS (Madrid), BARCELONA BRIDAL WEEK (Barcelona), SPOSAITALIA (Milan), PURE LONDON (London), etc.

The first step for the selection of our models involves a previous work of study and capture of trends. Pattern making with the most complex pieces and the most delicate fabrics, guaranteeing the quality of the final finish of the designs.

We work with the most prestigious fashion brands. Innovate to offer a more current product is our priority, the basis of our work and the secret of our prestige.

A great exhibition for both the protagonists and the guests of all events, ceremonies and galas.

The wide range, quality, design and price are present to satisfy its customers. Raw materials of the highest quality: chiffons, muslins, organza mikado, chantilly, silks, etc., towards its continuous search for elegance as a final result. Our goal is to show you the best model for your body, age and personal style, thus achieving a modern, elegant and sophisticated woman.


Total guarantee

The best service to our customers is our goal. The quality of the product must be our main challenge. We make sure that each of the garments are perfectly presentable and on time for that special day. We offer total guarantee in both the materials and the finish of each garment.

"Anaén is more than fashion, it is a way of thinking and feeling of today's woman".

What sets us apart

We offer models totally unique in the world, which are designed specifically for us.

VANAÉN EXCLUSIVE DRESSES designed for the most original and spectacular clients.

We are known for having qualified staff in Styling, Image Consultant, Coach in fashion, to offer direct and personal advice. We are also specialists in pattern making, cutting and sewing, textile craftsmanship and embroidery for an unsurpassed adaptation and customization of the garments, as our goal is to provide a professionally qualified attention.

We have a wide variety of sizes, large and special sizes and even couture garments made to measure, so you will always find a dress or suit that fits you perfectly and look splendid or splendid in any celebration.

What do we offer?

Experience and knowledge: Being in this sector for over 20 years allows us to be qualified staff to be at your disposal, helping and advising you in choosing your dress or suit for that big occasion.

Adaptability: You like one of our models but the sleeve does not suit you or you would add another type of neckline...? Don't worry, we offer you the possibility to customize your dress so that the chosen design is exactly what you are looking for. Our tailor-made and haute couture pieces are adapted to each of our clients if she wishes. Checking that the model fits the needs and preferences of each client. In our online store, you can request that you make a fully customized dress to your needs to rent or buy it. You have at your disposal a professional consultant's office for you to ask your questions.

We take care in detail and do a thorough job that makes the dresses in unique and unrepeatable collection pieces.